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Here at we believe that providing convenience leads to reward and that is why we offer the service to find and recommend the best selection of online casino games available in New Zealand.

We also believe in a sense of tradition, because without roots, without a sense of where you come from, how can you move forward and find your winning potential?

This mind set is what we apply when we look for the best Keno games available on the net. We recommend these games not just based on the excellent and competitive rewards they offer, but whether they honour the rich heritage inherent in Keno games.

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As we know as New Zealanders, tradition, heritage and pride is what makes our people great.

Keno has its rich cultural roots in ancient China where it quickly gained popularity amongst peasants, merchants and royalty alike. The game was so popular and successful that it helped fund the construction of the Great Wall of China.

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In the late 1800’s the first official lottery licence for Keno was granted to the gambling Mecca of Macao and the popularity of the game subsequently spread West during the construction of the Trans-continental railroad in America. Keno soon established its popularity in Houston Texas where the modern interpretation and naming convention came about, and the Keno we have today was born.

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The original Chinese name for Keno translates into “the ticket from the white dove” as the results from the big city games would be sent to outlying towns and suburb via carrier pigeon. keeps that tradition alive by bringing you the winning ticket each and every time with our selection of Keno games. We recommend the easiest to use games offering an intuitive interface and simple the best online casino bonuses and rewards.

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Times sure have changed.

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Keno is a traditional Chinese lottery style game that is available for play in the best modern real money casinos today. Players bet by choosing a number from 1 to 80.

Once all bets are placed, 20 numbers are drawn at random from a ball machine like you would see in western lotteries. Online though, the games use random number generators to pick the winning numbers. This is why our service is so essential in this modern age. We select the best, most trusted software that offers the fairest gaming experience to our clients.

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