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Sic Bo remains one of the most popular Casino games in Asia and the South Pacific. Its popularity expanded in the 20th century with the expansion of global trade and it is now found in most casinos across the globe. offers players in New Zealand the full Sic Bo experience from the comfort of your home. You won’t have to compete in the boisterous environment of the Macau gambling halls, wrestling with fellow players at the crowded Sic Bo tables as we offer you a hassle free, in browser experience.

Rather than you trying to find the best Sic Bo games through trial and error, recommends the best online casinos to start your play.

Our in browser games offer an easy to use and understand interface that provides you a seamless play experience ,and since there is no download required, you can initiate play from any internet capable device, wherever you may find yourself.

You may be missing out on sweaty and pushy fellow patrons at the Sic Bo tables, but you will lose none of the exciting atmosphere with the quick play provided by our no download games.

Sic Bo isn’t just popular due to its energetic play and favourable odds, but also due to the simplicity of getting into the game.

TOP Sic Bo CasinosJuly 2024
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It is based purely on chance with some strategy to be applied with how you place your bets.

The variety of names for the traditional game reveals the basic premise. Sic Bo Translates into “precious dice”, as the game is played by rolling three die. It is also know by the name Dai Sui which means “big and small”, as the simplest and most common wager to place is either on a high total of the die, 11 to 17, or a low die amount, 4 to 10.

The play table has a wide variety of other betting options that mostly relate to the numbers rolled on the die ,with the above mentioned high/low wagers being the simplest bet to start off with.

Sic Bo Superstitions

Sic Bo traditionally has many superstitions tied to it that some players follow religiously. Even when playing one of our recommended games from home, it won’t hurt familiarising yourself with some of the traditions and routines, as a little extra luck goes a long way.

Firstly, red is considered bad luck, so sorry Crusader fans.

Seeing a Church or priest is considered a bad omen before a game so keep play on your honeymoon to a minimum. In brick and mortar casinos, entering from the main entrance is considered a bad luck, so always try to leave a side window to your house or flat open for simple entry before play.

With our recommended real money online casinos you can easily avoid touching peoples shoulders, another sure fire way to pick up bad luck.

It is also believed that a little ghost lives inside the play table, and feeding it a little sugar will make it happy and increase your luck… is not responsible for any damage to computers or mobile devices when attempting to feed this ghost.