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As one of the most popular casino games around, poker has come a long way from the gaming halls it was first introduced to several centuries ago. Now that this game is one that can be played at almost every traditional casino around, as well as at most real money online casinos, it shows no signs of nearing the end of its reign of popularity. If you have yet to play this game at your online casino of choice, and you are looking to learn a little bit more about the rules of the game and the different hands it can bring, take a look below.

The term “flush” is one that has always been associated with poker. What many players don’t know, however, is that there are three different kinds of flushes. Firstly, when a player draws five of the same suit, not in a sequence, it’s called a flush. Should players find themselves locked in a tie, the player holding the card with the highest value wins. The same rules apply to a straight flush. The only difference between one of these and a normal flush is the fact that a straight flush sees players drawing five cards of the same suit, all in a sequence. Finally, as perhaps the most well known kind of flush around is a royal flush. This hand cannot be beaten. If a player draws a ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of a single suit, they will then have a royal flush.

An easier hand to draw than flushes are, pairs play an important role in any good game of poker. A regular pair refers to two cards of equal ranking in a hand with three other unrelated cards. Should a tie arise, the player with the highest ranking unrelated card wins. A two pair, on the other hand, is when there are two sets of two cards of equal ranking, with just one unrelated card making up the hand. Similar to the rule that applies with a single pair, in the event of a tie, the player with the highest value unrelated card will be declared the winner.

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Three Of A Kind And High Cards

When a player draws three cards of equal value and two unrelated cards, this hand is known as three of a kind. Should two players draw three of a kind resulting in a tie, the player with the highest value unrelated card then wins. Every now and then, however, poker players will draw a hand that does not fit into any of the abovementioned categories. Should this happen, the player who holds the card of the highest value, such as a King or an Ace, will win.

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Once you get the hang of it, poker is quite an easy game to understand. There are plenty of different versions of the game available online, so look around at top mobile casinos mentioned on this site, get playing now and today might just be your lucky day!